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Why do enterprises choose SurveyCake?

Compelling survey design and analysis features
Our customers are marketing and research experts from all walks of life. After years of experience and customer feedback, we understand the difficulties people face in customizing surveys, and SurveyCake has the solutions.
Customization to fit your needs
We offer direct consultations and assistance to suit your enterprise's needs and ensure data security for our customers.
Specialized support for your enterprise
Our team provides world class support to our customers. We aim to solve problems and satisfy customer demands as quickly as possible.
Why do enterprises choose SurveyCake? SurveyCake Enterprise

We're a Startup Just Like You!

We know what you need
Just like you, SurveyCake is also a startup company. We offer a variety of features for all stages of a business's development. Let us help your company grow.
Get direct feedback from customers
We understand you aim to provide the best quality of service to your customers whichever industry you are in. SurveyCake collects customer data and responses allowing you to improve performance and service quality.
Spend your precious time on something more valuable
SurveyCake's automatically generated reports mean that you no longer need to spend time making Excel or PowerPoint presentations. Your time can be spent on something you value more.

Why not throw a party!

Receive direct responese for your event
We understand it takes a lot of effort to host a social event and how much you would love to receive instant feedback from attendees. Your wish is granted by SurveyCake!
Reach out to your audience
Print survey URLs and QR Codes on your event brochures and banners. Or, include them on event brochures or flyers to connect with potential partners and customers.

A platform for academics and research, as well as networking and community organizing.

Complete assignments in an efficient way
Whether it's a class presentation or a group discussion, SurveyCake makes data collection simple. The Slideshow mode in SurveyCake can automatically organize results into a slideshow presentation. No more cut and paste between Excel and PPT!
Finish your thesis and say goodbye to your supervisor
We know how much you want to finish your research and graduate. Let us help and graduate with you.

Create a survey just for you!

More than just a survey: Let your imagination run wild
Class reunions, social outings, ordering meals and designing questionnaires, the possibilities wth SurveyCake are endless. Find out now!
Count on us for important moments in your life
Design your wedding invitations and surveys with SurveyCake. Use SurveyCake to prepare for an unforgettable ceremony.
Get started for free Get started for free
Unlimited surveys & responses for life. Yay!