Oct 14, 2016

Hello! Thank you for reading our Privacy Policy. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to give users an understanding of the relationship between users and us, and to help users make smart decisions. Please read the following carefully. We hope that you are sitting comfortably at the moment, but if you are using your time on the treadmill to read this, that’s perfectly fine with us. So, let’s get started…

1. Introduction

Thank you for choosing SurveyCake. In order to provide users with better SurveyCake services (or “services”; for definition of services, please reference the Terms and Conditions of Use), the 25sprout, LLC. (hereafter referred to as the SurveyCake team or “we”) need to collect some information on users. This Privacy Policy is to inform users what kind of data we need to collect, how we go about collecting these data, and how we manage and control the data that we collect from users. When users use our services, this will be deemed as users having a contract with us, and allow us to use user’s information according to this Privacy Policy. If users do not agree to these terms, please do not use our services.

2. The Data We Collect

2.1 Registration information

When a user registers to use our services, we may need to collect certain information, such as the user’s user name, password, e-mail address, birthday, gender, postal code, and country of residence. We may also need to collect data that the user voluntarily adds to the personal information such as mobile phone number and the mobile phone service provider. If the user uses his/her Facebook account to link to our services, then the user is deemed as having authorized us to collect his/her identity verification information, such as the user’s user name, encrypted access credentials, and other information that can be obtained from the user’s Facebook account. This includes information that can be found through the user’s Facebook account such as user’s name, profile picture, country, nationality, e-mail address, birthday, gender, name of friends, their profile picture, and their social networks. We may need to store this information and use them for objectives described in Article 3. We may also need to verify whether the user’s information is consistent with the information on the user’s Facebook account.

2.2 Use, data log, and cookies

When users are using our services, we will automatically collect certain information, including the following: (1) user’s product purchase type and user’s corresponding service history. We will also provide users with advertisement for products and services that users can used as part of our services, or links to such items; (2) detailed information on inquiries made by the user; (3) user data that the user has published, uploaded, and/or contributed to the service (for definition, please see the Terms and Conditions of Use); (4) technology data, including what website the user linked in from, the user’s IP address, unique device ID, network and computer performance, browse type, language and identity information, transaction information which can be digitally managed, operating system, and the SurveyCake edition being used; and (5) location information. If the user has bound his/her SurveyCake account with Facebook, we may obtain the user’s corresponding service information and other similar information through Facebook. We may use cookies or other similar technology to obtain this information. If you wish to obtain further information on usage, please (click here) go to the end of this Privacy Policy for reference. We may need to store this information and use them for objectives described in Article 3.

2.3 Other services

In addition to Facebook, users can bind their SurveyCake account to a third-party service (other binding service). If the user does so, we can obtain, use, and share the aforementioned data, including data that is obtainable through the binding service as per Privacy Policy regulations.

2.4 Payment information

When users register to use our trial service or payment function (for definitions, seeTerms and Conditions of Use), or use our service to purchase other products, the credit card information and other financial information required to process the payment will be collected and stored by a third-party payment processor. We may collect some limited information such as the user’s postal code, mobile phone number, and transaction history/details. In addition, the third-party payment processor will usually provide us with certain user-related information, including unique markers discovered in their stored data that can allow the user to purchase more products, the user’s credit card type, expiration date, and the last four digits, etc. If the user requires a receipt for their payment, SurveyCake may need to collect more information such as the name of the user, birthday, and telephone number, and transmit this information to our receipt service department, so that they may proceed with credit check and send the receipt to the user. During the process of using user’s data our receipt service department will strictly adhere to the Privacy Policy.

2.5 Competitions and surveys

From time to time, we provide users with the opportunity to participate in competitions and survey activities through SurveyCake services (“special promotional activities”). These special promotional activities may be under the jurisdiction of certain privacy policy items and/or this Privacy Policy, as well as other terms and conditions outside of the Terms and Conditions of Use. If privacy policy terms and conditions appropriate for special promotional activities conflict with this Privacy Policy or the Terms and Conditions of Use, then the terms, conditions, and privacy policy appropriate for the special promotional activity shall take precedence. If users participate in the special promotional activity, we may require users to provide certain other personal information other than the information listed in this Privacy Policy. This type of additional information may be integrated into other account information and used/shared according to relevant sections of this Privacy Policy.

3. Data privacy items that you care about the most

The survey data is owned by you, and your survey privacy is something we respect greatly. We will never sell this information to a third-party or use your survey response for any purpose not related to you or our services. However, there are certain special scenarios that may be exceptions (for example, we must respond to subpoena orders, or use the information in scenarios authorized by you).

4. Security

We will do our utmost to protect user information. In terms of user accounts, the best guarantee is the password. Thus, please choose a unique password with high security level to limit others from entering your computer and browser. Meanwhile, whenever you have finished using the SurveyCake service system, please remember to log out each time. Although we take reasonable and cautious data protection measures, there is never an absolutely safe confidentiality measure. Thus, we cannot guarantee that user information confidentiality measures are safe and effective at all times.

Your password is only known to you and God, and no one else. Neither do we know your password. In case you really lose your password, and you cannot access your e-mail used during registration, then please apply for a new account.

5. Access and update user information

We will store your personal information until the user or SurveyCake terminates service. Please note that users have the right to request to do the following at any time: (a) check and read their personal information (including payment); (b) obtain copies of the personal information (including payment); (c) supplement or revise personal information (including payment); (d) terminate collection, processing, or use of personal information (including payment), and (e) delete personal information (including payment).

6. Contact us

If you have any questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us at the following e-mail address:

7. Revising the Privacy Policy

We may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. Thus, please regularly check this Privacy Policy. If we make what we deem as major changes, we will notify users through the service system. We will notify users and request them to agree to the changes. After users agree to the revised Privacy Policy, they can continue to use related services.

8. About information from cookies and other similar technologies

8.1 What are cookies and other similar technology?

Cookies refer to a small text file that is collected on the user’s computer, collection, or other equipment when users visit a website. With the cookies document, the website provider can conveniently identify the user’s equipment when they revisit the same site. In addition, other similar documents and technologies such as pixel tags, web bug, and network storage also have the same function as cookies. The “cookies” used by SurveyCake in this document refers to cookies document and technologies similar to cookies that are used to collect information.

8.2 Managing user preferences

Most webpage browsers can be used to manage the user’s cookie preference. The user can set the browser to disallow the use of cookies, and can delete certain cookies in the browser. In these situations, the user must know how to manage similar cookies technology and use browser preferences. The following link shows the users how to change browse setting in commonly used browsers:

Please note that if the user chooses to block cookies, this may cause damage to certain SurveyCake service system functions or interfere with the system’s ability to run properly.

We have chosen a third-party service to track activities related to SurveyCake services, one of which is Google Analytics, which is used to analyze cookies. If users do not wish to allow Google Analytics to collect and use any of their information, users can install the “opt out” tool ( on their browser.

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